Provided Services

Business Management
Product Managers are the key elements of our organization. In on-going relationship with the companies we represent and managing their business in Portugal, they generate the following activities, among others: business planning, marketing plans, management of information and reports, supervision of purchasing, logistics and other administrative activities.


Our sales team, consisting of 19 employees, covers the entire country, distributing and promoting our products in all outlets that sell videogames.
Always focused on our customers' success with their consumers, we invest a lot of work in partnerships and trade marketing activities aiming at the high and rapid rotation of our products in retail outlets.

According to our business philosophy guided by the principles of marketing, we have invested heavily in communication and promotion of our main products. Our know-how, our privileged relation with the media and the synergies generated by our diversified portfolio provide high levels of efficiency to our campaigns and contribute greatly to our leadership.


Our internal translation services, graphic production and handling offer speed, quality and cost reduction in terms of product localization. Our consistent human, material and technological structure for invoicing and distribution allows us to make a full coverage of the territory with delivery times of less than 24 hours between receipt of an order and the delivery of goods. Our own Financial Services manage directly all operations in this area (invoicing, payments, credit management, accounting, reports, etc.).